Recycling in Dorset - Give or Take Days

04th December 2017

Recycling in Dorset - Give or Take Days

Once Christmas is over many people think about having a clear out before the new year ahead. You may have lots of items you wish to dispose, recycle or even donate to a better home. If so, why not get involved in one of Dorset’s Give or Take days?

Here at The Waste Group, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to recycle our waste, that’s why we love promoting recycling in Dorset (the home of The Waste Group). That’s why we are fully behind Give or Take Days which allow you to donate or gain items, absolutely free!

How do Give or Take Days work?

Give or Take Days are described as a jumble sale, except they are absolutely free; no money changes hands! When you think of a jumble sale, you may picture something that is not orderly or chaotic. However, Give or Take Days are not designed in this way. For example, there are safety experts at most events who will be testing electrical equipment and making sure the items are fine to be used.

So how exactly do Give or Take Days work?:

  1. Locate your nearest Give or Take Day here
  2. Sort through your items and decide what you’d like to donate. You can find a list of what you can and can’t donate here
  3. Bring along your items to the Give or Take Day and bring home a collection of new things, all for free!

That’s how simple it is! Not only can you get rid of your unwanted items, you can take home loads of new things whilst having the feel-good factor that you are reducing your impact on the planet!

Sounds great! What else do I need to know?

Did you know you can actually organise your own Give or Take Day? You can contact Bournemouth Borough Council via their website and they will be able to provide you with more information.

Any questions about recycling or waste management? Feel free to contact one of our lovely staff at The Waste Group HQ with any queries you may have; we’d love to help!