The importance of recycling and preventing waste going into landfill

05th September 2017

The importance of recycling and preventing waste going into landfill

You probably know the importance of recycling skip waste, but just how much is actually recycled in the UK? In 2016 the amount of waste recycled in the UK dropped for the first time since monitoring began. With that in mind, we need to take a look at the importance of recycling and how it affects our environment.

Recycling Skip Waste: What You Need To Know

Recycling skip waste is so important; especially with the closures of landfills in Dorset. As heading to a landfill to dispose of skip waste is no longer an option in Dorset, this means there really is no excuse when it comes to recycling! You can read our blog post on the closure of landfills in Dorset here.

Did you know that on average we throw away around 407kg waste each per year? This is around five times the body weight of the average man! This waste needs to be recycled correctly otherwise it will pollute the environment or be sent to a landfill where it will not be disposed of correctly.   

Here at The Waste Group, our goal is simple: we want to ensure that 0% of waste goes to landfills. This is why recycling skip waste is very important to us as it will ultimately prevent waste from going to landfill.

To do this, we recycle at least 98% of our waste through our dedicated waste recycling and process facility. We separate our waste into recycle and non-recyclable sectors, making sure that we can reduce the most amount of waste possible that is sent to landfill. So if you choose to hire a skip with us, you can be sure that we will be recycling your skip waste in the most efficient way possible!

Recycling Skip Waste with The Waste Group

When you hire a skip with us, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that we pride ourselves on our recycling expertise and our ‘Go Green’ ethos.   
So if like us you share our passion for protecting the environment and are against sending waste to landfills, have a look at our services page and see what we can do for you!