Our top 5 tips for Waste Management this Christmas

21st December 2017

Our top 5 tips for Waste Management this Christmas

The Christmas period is coming to an end, however that doesn’t mean your recycling has to! If you’ve been following our #12DaysOfWaste you may have picked up some top tips on how to have a greener Christmas. However, there are so many more ways to become more sustainable each day.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some more ideas of how you can help the environment this December and onwards into 2018. Read on for our waste management tips as the Christmas season comes to a close.

   1) Freeze your leftovers

Got plenty of food leftover? Freezing leftovers is a great way to save food, and provide some easy (and cheap) meal solutions in the new year. Unsure what you can and can’t freeze? Check out BBC Good Food’s freezer guide to Christmas that explains the do’s and don’ts of freezing food this Christmas. Love Food Hate Waste also have some great tips and recipe ideas for using up leftovers.


   2) Use food waste for compost

If you have leftovers that you didn’manage to freeze or use in time, why not use them for compost in your garden? The nutrients from these foods will make your compost nutrient-rich, which is great for improving the condition of your plants and flowers. Recycle now have a great guide on food waste and composting.


   3) Out with the old, in with the new

If you have been lucky enough to receive lots of new gifts this Christmas such as clothes, gadgets or electrical items, you can easily recycle your old items. Why not donate your old clothes or children’s toys to a charity shop? Remember, if you are recycling electrical items or things that contain batteries these need to be disposed of safely.


   4) Recycle your junk mail

Over the Christmas period you may have received a lot of junk mail from different retailers promoting special offers in the run up to the big day, most of which can be recycled in the correct bin. Also, why not see what bills you can change to online only? This might not seem like much but this reduction of paper waste is a simple way to become more environmentally friendly!


   5) Turn electrical items off

Christmas is a time for family gatherings, parties with friends and spending time with your loved ones, at home and away. If you are going away during the Christmas period, turning electrical items off standby and making sure all plug sockets are turned off can help save electricity and money. You can even continue this habit into the new year too!

We hope you’ve picked up some more handy recycling tips from The Waste Group this Christmas season. If you’re looking for skip hire in Dorset, asbesto waste removal or other waste management services, get in touch with us today!