Can I Put Garden Waste In A Skip?

Can I Put Garden Waste In A Skip?

Cleaning up your garden for the summer is one thing, disposing of all that garden waste is another. But there is a highly convenient way of disposing of your garden waste: put it in a skip.


Skip hire is the perfect means for taking back control of your garden clearance. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that what you’re putting in the skip, we’ll dispose of responsibly, putting as much of it as possible for recycling at an anaerobic digestion facility.


This converts garden waste into biogas, which is used as a fuel.


Is it Time to Tidy Up Your Garden?


Already we’ve had an incredibly dry spring on record, with May 2020 the sunniest calendar month on record. You’ve probably already been out in your garden, thinking about getting it spruced up for the summer months.


During the colder period of the year we tend to shove everything we can in the shed and leave the garden largely to its own devices. This then leaves a lot of accumulated stuff to get rid of when summer comes around.


There are weeds, trees, shrubs and plants to dispose of, and perhaps old garden furniture which has gone beyond the point of rescue. You might look at your decking and decide that it’s time to remove it and give your garden a more comprehensive makeover.


Tidying up the garden can feel like a really positive project to get your teeth into, but there’s just one thing holding you back: the logistics of disposing of your garden waste.


Why Choose Skip Hire for Garden Waste?


Putting your garden waste in a skip is very cost-effective.


Rather than hiring someone with a van, which can be expensive, or having to remove garden piecemeal, with endless trips to the local tip, a skip offers an all-in-one solution.


If you hire a man-with-a-van then you’ll be stumping up for the cost of labour, and the cost of disposing of the waste itself, based on how much of it there is.


But with skip hire, you’ll find that charges are much more reasonable, even for larger garden clearances.
The process is incredibly straightforward: you choose your size of skip, we deliver it on site, as per your instructions; you fill it with all your garden waste; then we collect the skip and dispose of the waste. Easy.


Couldn’t the Council Just Collect My Garden Waste?


Well yes, they could, but you’re likely to face a barrage of rules and restrictions.


You’ll have to wait for the right day of the week for your garden waste collection, make sure you’ve not over-filled your bin and that you’ve positioned it correctly.


Of course, your local council might be able to arrange a specific collection for you, but this will come at a price.


With skip hire, you’ll have plenty of room for all your waste, you’ll be in control of the process, and we’ll recycle the vast majority of it.


What Waste Can You Put in a Skip?


You can put your typical garden waste in a skip. This includes soil and green waste, such as leaves, branches, plants and grass.


Green waste is compostable, while soil, once tested, is either reusable as topsoil, or provides engineering material.
Basically, we can recycle all typical garden waste. Grass clippings are used as biomass, for example, in recycled energy plants.


But the advantage of a skip is that you can put other stuff you’ve got lying about the garden in it too. If you’ve got dilapidated garden furniture or old decking then that can go in too.


You can dispose of old sheds, trellises and plant supports.


Put it all in the skip, and we’ll take it away and sort through it for appropriate disposal.


There are, however, certain things you MUST NOT put in your skip:

  • Liquids
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Pressurised containers.

If in doubt, just ask us.


Is Skip Hire a Good Environmental Option?


The short answer is yes. We can usually recycle at least 80% of the stuff you put in a skip, and with garden waste this can be even higher, as much as 100%.


Could you just burn your garden waste instead? Not a good idea, really, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, your council will fine you if you break any rules, even if you do this unintentionally.


Finally, here are some tips if you’re planning to tidy up your garden and have a clearout.


  • Check the weather – it’ll be easier if it’s dry, and even sunny! If dry weather looks unlikely (it is the British summer after all), then have waterproof sheeting on standby to cover your work area where necessary.
  • Be systematic – a strategy will make things that much easier. Think about where you’ve got your skip, and how best to work your way through your garden waste.
  • Be ruthless – don’t dither over disposing of things you don’t really use any more but think might come in handy at some future, unspecified time. They won’t.

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