Can I Still Hire A Skip?

Can I Still Hire A Skip?

The Coronavirus crisis in the UK has brought about many changes to everyday life and many businesses have had to adapt the way they are working.


As such, a lot of our customers have been asking can I still hire a skip in the current climate? The short answer is yes, it’s still OK to hire a skip during the Covid-19 lockdown, although there may be some additional precautions that need to be taken.


Read on to find out the full details of hiring a skip during Covid-19.


Can I Still Hire A Skip From The Waste Group?


As we write this, we are currently in week 3 of the official lockdown, as implemented by the UK Government. Many UK residents have been asked to stay at home and a huge proportion of businesses have moved to working from home as the new default. Movements are restricted for all but essential key workers, which means that it’s tricky, to say the least, to operate a skip hire business as normal.


Naturally, however, here at The Waste Group, we’re doing everything we can to ensure our business can continue as best it can. To find out more about The Waste Group’s means of operating during this difficult period, you can read our Covid-19 statement here but, essentially, we’re still able to hire out skips to the public during this time, albeit on a limited basis.


Is Now A Good Time To Hire A Skip?


It could be argued that now is the best time to hire a skip. After all, many of us who are now stuck at home – especially those that have been furloughed or are unable to work – have suddenly got a lot more time on our hands. Time to tackle those projects that have been put on the back burner for ages, such as clearing out the garage or redecorating the spare bedroom.


Let’s be honest, we’ve got to do something to stay sane and keeping busy is often the best option.


And as the weather is improving and we’re finally getting some sunny spring days, now is actually the perfect time to get out in the garden and start getting it ship shape and ready for summer. We may all be spending a lot of time in our gardens this summer, so it’s probably about time we made them habitable.


And of course, all of this project work means only one thing…rubbish. Piles of rubbish that you need to dispose of! And the best way of disposing of all this extra rubbish at this time of lockdown is a skip.


What Are The Covid-19 Regulations Around Skip Hire?


But why is a skip the best way of disposing of rubbish during lockdown, I hear you ask?!


It’s actually common sense; during lockdown, you’re only supposed to leave your house for a limited period of time and for a very limited number of reasons, so taking a trip – or even multiple trips – to the tip is just not feasible.


Besides that, many tip facilities are closed to the public at the moment anyway, to ensure they stay compliant with the new regulations, so even if loading the car up and trekking down there was a good idea (and it isn’t!), it’s unlikely they’d let you in anyway.


However, getting a skip delivered straight to your door, which you could then fill at your leisure and get taken away for proper waste disposal is a much better idea. It’s safer for you, it’s more practical and it means you can still get on with tackling those jobs that really need doing.


There are a couple of things to remember, however, about hiring a skip during the Coronavirus crisis;


  1. Limited Availability – some skip hire companies are operating a restricted service, due to a number of reasons such a furloughed staff and social-distancing guidelines, hence you might not be able to get the exact skip you want as quickly as usual.
  2. Social Distancing – all skip hire companies that are still in operation will have to be adhering to the social distancing guidelines, hence you will be required to keep your distance from any employee delivering your skip.
  3. No Cash Payments – in-keeping with the above guidelines, many companies are now not accepting cash payments and will therefore likely request you to pay on your card, in advance, over the phone. This is to ensure there is no contact between people and to further protect the employees.
  4. Amended Service Terms – as per point one, it is likely that most skip hire companies will be offering a limited service, hence you may not be allowed to keep the skip for as long as you normally would. Many companies are limiting skip hire to no more than a week, to ensure the skips that are in operation can continue to supply every customer who wants one. It still gives you plenty of time to complete your project, though!


If you are concerned about the safety of hiring a skip during the coronavirus lockdown, however, then the best course of action is to speak to your local skip hire company, who will be able to put your mind at rest about the measures they have taken to ensure their business continues to operate securely.


Where Can I Hire A Skip?


As mentioned above, many local skip hire companies are still in operation, albeit with a slightly reduced service. Hence hiring a skip during the covid-19 crisis is really just as safe and easy as it usually would be.


Here at The Waste Group, we’re continuing to supply skips to householders across the country, hence, if you’ve got a big project that you are itching to crack on with, you can simply get in touch with us and we’ll do all the hard work for you.


We can supply skips of any size or variety anywhere in the UK and, thanks to our extensive links in the industry, we can always get you the best price too.


You can give us a call on 0800 652 0160 or fill out the form on the website to get a quote.