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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Skip?

We have all probably hired a skip before, either because of a house move, building work or garden work and one of the first questions we asked was, how much does it cost to hire a skip?

Where Do You Live?

We aren’t being ultra-nosey it really does depend on the city you live in!

For example, in London, a 6-yard skip would set you back approximately £258 whereas the same size skip would cost you around £168 if you lived in Leeds.

You may be wondering why there is such a difference in prices, and it is a good question.

The main reasons for this price discrepancy are, how many other skip hire companies there are in the area, the strength of the local economy (which has an impact on the amount of waste that is being created) and the availability and amount of local waste recycling facilities.

To give you an idea of the different prices around the UK, we’ve got this table of approximate prices for you.

Location 6-yard skip 8-yard skip
Birmingham £168 £180
Brighton £237 £296
Bristol £220 £240
Cambridge £166 £216
Cardiff £191 £205
Edinburgh £145 £192
Essex £206 £232
Exeter £226 £288
Glasgow £140 £175
Gloucester £208 £233
Leeds £168 £182
Leicester £179 £189
Liverpool £144 £166
London £239 £268
Luton £240 £267
Manchester £150 £180
Middlesbrough £171 £196
Newcastle £142 £180
Nottingham £167 £195
Northampton £156 £190
Oxford £209 £276
Portsmouth £225 £270
Reading £222 £264
Sheffield £154 £180
Southampton £219 £290
York £164 £198
Average £187 £221

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How Big A Skip Do You Need And Where Is The Company?

The next price factor is going to be the size of the skip, an 8-yard skip is likely to cost approximately £50 more than a 6-yard skip.

The location of the skip hire company makes a difference too. The closer they are to you, the cheaper they will be.

As we mentioned earlier, they are also dependent on the availability of recycling facilities, some cities aren’t able to process as much as others and some even have to transport waste to other counties.

This will have an impact on the cost of hiring a skip.

Is The Cheapest Always The Best Choice?

If you have a look on google for skip companies you are likely to find some that are ‘very’ cheap, so cheap in fact that you wonder why they are so cheap and is there a catch?

More than likely, yes!

Some less than reputable waste disposal companies will try to undercut the competition by not getting rid of the waste properly and end up fly-tipping.

If they illegally fly-tip the waste, then their costs will be cheaper, their profits will be higher so they will be able to charge less.

Here at the Waste Group, we will always work with the reputable skip hire businesses, so if you want to find one for your area, then we are the people to call.

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Ways To Save Costs Of Skip Hire

There are a few things that you can do to bring the cost of hiring a skip down.

Does all of the rubbish really need to go in the skip? If some of it can be recycled or given away that will take up less space and then you may not need such a big skip.

Sometimes people want to get rid of something because they don’t use it anymore, don’t have the room or are moving to a new house.

If it still works then someone else could be more than happy to have it and of course, the less waste that is disposed at waste recycling centres means it is better for the environment.

Freecycle is a UK wide website where anybody can list something that they don’t want anymore (objects, not family members…) and then it can be collected by an interested party.

You could always have a yard sale, a car boot sale, or list items on eBay and Facebook.

Make sure that what is put in a skip is supposed to be in a skip.

Not all items can be thrown away in skips, for example, you may not know that business and domestic electrical equipment or appliances cannot be thrown away into a skip.

There is a comprehensive list of what can’t be disposed of in a skip here.

Get In Touch

As we mentioned earlier, we can find you the best skip hire for you.

You can find out more about the services we provide and get a quick quote here.

You can order your skip online and we currently have a Skip Hire Price Match Promise!

We can also offer next day delivery on your skip if you order before midday.

Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss our services, including our National Skip Hire for businesses.



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