the strangest things we've found in a skip

What Are The Strangest Things We’ve Found In A Skip?

You know the saying “where there’s muck, there’s brass”?! Well, here at The Waste Group, we find that this is very rarely true. Sometimes, however, we find some strange things in our skips.


We hire skips out every day and we usually see the same waste coming back; mostly construction waste or household waste. Occasionally, though, we see some things that are a little bit different and some things that are just plain strange.


Here is a list of the strangest things we’ve found in a skip, which you may find interesting.


Barrels of Beer


Believe it or not, but we did once have a skip returned to us full of barrels of beer! All the barrels were full as well. We thought we’d struck gold, but it turns out that the beer was off. No point crying over spilt beer, though.


Toys R Us Closure


With the recent closure of Toy R Us, we provided a number of skips for the warehouse clear outs. Let’s just say that our children were very happy about this job. The toys were us that day!


Great British Bake Off


We had a 4 yard skip come back once that was full of flour. We thought we were going to have our own Bake Off, but it turned out that the flour, like the beer, was off. No ‘Bake Off’ for The Waste Group. We didn’t get our cake or eat it.


Caravan on a Skip


This did indeed once happen to us, but one of the funniest images we have seen of random items in skips is a caravan that had simply been placed on top of a skip. This was from an article in the Daily Express, which you can read here.




When a local department store shut, we were lucky enough to get an 8 yard skip full of mannequins. We tried our best to recycle these but, unfortunately, in the end, they had to be sent to landfill.


You could say we buried the bodies!


Car Engine


Buried in the middle of a 6 yard skip full of soil, we once found a car engine. The hirer of the skip was clearly trying to hide it, although we’re not sure why, because our local scrap merchant was more than happy to take it. As a motor of a fact, it was a lucky brake!


Blow-Up Doll    


Believe it or not, but we have also had a life-sized blow-up doll arrive in a skip, much to the amusement of our staff! But don’t worry, the doll was not handled by anyone and our large material handlers disposed of it. Yet more bodies that The Waste Group have buried in landfill!


Snakes On A Skip


On a few occasions, we have even been unfortunate enough to find dead animals in our skips. In fact, we once found a dead 6 foot python. Whilst this gave us all the fright of our lives, we also find it very sad that animals/pets would be disposed of this way. Please rest assured that the appropriate action was taken with the person who hired the skip.


Get In Touch


These are just some of the strangest things we’ve found in a skip, but we’re sure there will be more!


If you are ever unsure of what you can or can’t put in a skip, then please do not hesitate to call us at our office on 01202 247716. We are happy to answer all your questions. Although most weird and wonderful items can go in a skip, it never hurts to ask.


But no, we won’t tell you where the bodies are buried!