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What Size Skip Should I Get?

Choosing a skip to hire can be a complicated business. For one thing, there are so many different sizes. Asking yourself ‘what size skip should I get?’ might be the first thing you do, but answering that question is not simple.

Obviously, you want to get a skip that’s big enough for the job you’re going to be doing, but that in itself can be a difficult thing to gauge. You don’t want to end up sending back a half empty skip, as that’s a complete waste of money. But, by the same token, you don’t want to hire a skip that’s too small for the job and have to hire another one after a couple of days. Again, that’s just another waste of money.

To complicate matters further, every skip hire company seems to categorise the sizes of their skips differently…some hire out 12 yard skips, some are 4 cubic yard skips, some are simply mini, midi or maxi skips. How are you supposed to know which size will be the correct one for your project?

Well, fortunately for you, The Waste Group have put together this handy infographic, which explains the different skip sizes and shows you roughly how much rubbish each size skip will hold.

what size skip should I get infographic

Now, provided you know roughly how much rubbish your home renovation or construction project will produce, you will be able to judge which size skip will be correct for you and hire the right size skip the first time around. Which will obviously save you time and money.


Contact The Waste Group For Skip Hire


If you’re still unsure of which size skip you should hire, then you can always contact The Waste Group and we’ll help you decide.

We’ve been doing skip hire for many years now and have seen all sort of projects of all different sizes, so we’re usually quite good at being able to choose which size skip you should hire.

You can phone us on 0800 652 0160 any time. We’re open and ready to get your skip out to you ASAP.