Skip Hire Vs A Removal Van

Which Is Better? Skip Hire Vs A Removal Van

When it comes to removing your waste there are two main options: skip hire Vs a removal van.


The van removal service has become an established alternative to hiring a skip, but does this mean it’s the best option?


Skip hire is more versatile, convenient and cost effective than you might think, and it takes the hassle out of waste disposal.


What Does Van Removal Offer?


If you use a van removal service, then someone will come and transport your waste for you.


The system is flexible, since you can choose when you want the van to collect. And it’s straightforward: you put your waste out, the van arrives, they load it up with your stuff, and take it away. If you’ve not got the space to store waste for removal, then having someone take it off your hands this way can be both efficient and convenient.


Many companies offering this type of service will put together a bespoke quote, that reflects what your specific waste removal requirements are. This helps you get a clear picture of the costs involved.


If your waste removal company is suitably knowledgeable, it will be able to advise on what types of waste you can dispose of, using its services, and whether certain types of waste will incur extra costs.


What this does mean is that you need to have a clear idea of exactly what you’re disposing of and how much of it there is, when hiring a waste removal service.


Otherwise, you could face delays, or extra costs, if, on the day, you put together your waste for removal and it doesn’t match what you originally specified.


Are There Any Extra Costs?


How much your waste collection and removal costs very much depends on the company you choose, but also on your location.


If, for example, there are parking issues, you might incur extra charges for this.


Also, if the amount of waste you want removing requires extra people to do it, then this might mean higher removal costs.


Finally, as we have already mentioned, there may not be much wriggle room when it comes to adding extra waste on the day, or if it turns out some of what you want to dispose of will need to go to separate waste facilities.


You want reassurance, too, that your waste collection company has the necessary environmental credentials to dispose of your waste responsibly.


The van option for waste collection and removal can seem easy and convenient at face value, but it may be less flexible, and less economical, than you first thought.


Why is Skip Hire a Good Option?


The first thing to note with skip hire is that you are in control from the start. You take delivery of your skip, and then you can load it with your unwanted items at your own pace.


If, for example, you were refitting a bathroom or kitchen, you could fill your skip over days, or even weeks. It’s there for your convenience.


Providing you’ve got the space, you can store the skip on your private land too, making it that much more accessible and convenient for you.


Skip hire is also versatile because skips come in a range of sizes, to suit many different projects and requirements.


If, for example, you’ve got a one-off waste removal, then a smaller sized skip will do nicely. On the other hand, for ongoing renovation or clearance projects, a larger skip will be more practical. If your waste is large or bulky, skip hire is the ideal solution.


Booking a skip means you don’t have to worry about deadlines for collecting all your waste together, or worrying about co-ordinating your time for the day when your waste removal is due.


You can discuss your requirements in advance with your skip hire company, and they will advise you about any restricted or special items, and about the ideal skip size for your needs.


Environmentally Friendly  Waste Disposal


Do check your whether your chosen skip hire company has an environmental policy. This is another benefit of using skip hire for waste disposal.


With the right approach, you can be sure that, wherever possible, your waste won’t simply go into landfill, but will be recycled.


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