Discover Our Premium Range of Aggregates

We proudly offer a diverse selection of high-quality aggregates for all your construction and landscaping needs. From building projects to garden makeovers, our aggregates are sourced to meet the highest standards.

Whether you're a homeowner looking to enhance your garden, a builder in need of quality materials, or a business seeking sustainable solutions, The Waste Group has the perfect aggregate for you. Our carefully selected range meets the diverse needs of construction, landscaping, and DIY projects.

Explore our premium range below:

Primary Aggregates

aggregate Type 1 Primary Mendip

Type 1, Primary, Mendip
Ideal for sub-base applications, providing a stable foundation.

aggregate Type 1 Primary Portland

Type 1, Primary, Portland
Perfect for road construction and heavy-duty surfaces.

aggregate Primary Ballast

All in Ballast, Primary
A blend of sharp sand and coarse stone, suitable for concrete mixing.

Recycled Aggregates

aggregate 6F5 - Recycled

6F5, Recycled
Environmentally friendly option for bulk fill and capping layers.

aggregate recycled Ballast

All in Ballast, Recycled
A sustainable choice for general concrete applications.

aggregate 15mm Soil

15mm Soil, Recycled
Perfect for landscaping and garden projects.

Shingle and Sand

aggregate 10mm Shingle

10mm Shingle
Ideal for decorative pathways and driveways.

aggregate 20mm Shingle

20mm Shingle
Great for drainage and hard landscaping.

aggregate Builders Sand

Building Sand
Suitable for bricklaying and masonry work.

aggregate Sharp Sand

Sharp Sand
Perfect for screeding and external rendering.

Specialised Products

aggregate Ballast

Flooring Grit
Enhance your flooring with our premium grit, designed for durability.

aggregate 10mm to dust

10mm to dust
A versatile product for compacting and creating a solid base.

aggregate 10mm Eco Supersoil

10mm Eco Supersoil
Environmentally friendly soil, perfect for garden and landscape projects.

Frequently asked questions

These questions cover common inquiries that homeowners, builders, and businesses might have about the products and services: