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Discover Our Premium
Range of Aggregates

We proudly offer a diverse selection of high-quality aggregates for all your construction and landscaping needs. From building projects to garden makeovers, our aggregates are sourced to meet the highest standards. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your garden, a builder in need of quality materials, or a business seeking sustainable solutions, The Waste Group has the perfect aggregate for you. Our carefully selected range meets the diverse needs of construction, landscaping, and DIY projects.

Explore our premium range below:

Primary Aggregates

  • aggregate-Type-1-Primary-Mendip
    Type 1, Primary, Mendip

    Ideal for sub-base applications, providing a stable foundation.

  • aggregate-Type-1-Primary-Portland
    Type 1, Primary, Portland

    Perfect for road construction and heavy-duty surfaces.

  • aggregate-Primary-Ballast
    All in Ballast, Primary

    A blend of sharp sand and coarse stone, suitable for concrete mixing.

Recycled Aggregates

  • aggregate-6F5-Recycled
    6F5, Recycled

    Environmentally friendly option for bulk fill and capping layers.

  • aggregate-recycled-Ballast
    All in Ballast, Recycled

    A sustainable choice for general concrete applications.

  • aggregate-15mm-Soil
    15mm Soil, Recycled

    Perfect for landscaping and garden projects.

Shingle and Sand

  • aggregate-10mm-Shingle
    10mm Shingle

    Ideal for decorative pathways and driveways.

  • aggregate-20mm-Shingle
    20mm Shingle

    Great for drainage and hard landscaping.

  • aggregate-Builders-Sand
    Building Sand

    Suitable for bricklaying and masonry work.

  • aggregate-Sharp-Sand
    Sharp Sand

    Perfect for screeding and external rendering.

Specialised Products

  • aggregate-Ballast
    Flooring Grit

    Enhance your flooring with our premium grit, designed for durability.

  • aggregate-10mm-to-dust
    10mm to dust

    A versatile product for compacting and creating a solid base.

  • aggregate-10mm-Eco-Supersoil
    10mm Eco Supersoil

    Environmentally friendly soil, perfect for garden and landscape projects.

Frequently asked questions

These questions cover common inquiries that homeowners,
builders, and businesses might have about the products and services:

We offer a wide range of aggregates, including Type 1 Primary, Recycled products, Shingles, Sands, Flooring Grit, and specialised products like Eco Supersoil. Our selection is designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners, builders, and businesses.

Absolutely! Our aggregates like 10mm Shingle and 10mm Eco Supersoil are perfect for home gardening projects. Whether you’re creating decorative paths or enriching your garden soil, we have products tailored to your needs.

Yes, we offer a selection of recycled aggregates, including 6F5 Recycled and All in Ballast Recycled. These products provide an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on quality.

Choosing the right aggregate depends on the specific requirements of your project. Our team is available to provide expert advice and guide you to the best products for your construction needs. Feel free to contact us for personalised assistance.

Yes, we offer delivery services across Dorset. Whether it’s a small home project or a large commercial construction, we ensure timely and convenient delivery of your aggregates.

Primary aggregates are sourced directly from natural materials, while recycled aggregates are made from repurposed construction waste. Both types meet high-quality standards, with recycled options offering a more sustainable choice.

Certainly! We provide custom quotes for bulk orders to ensure you get the best value for your specific needs. Please contact us with your requirements, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Calculating the amount of aggregate depends on the project’s size and the specific application. You can use our online calculator or contact our team for expert guidance on the quantity required.

Our aggregates are suitable for commercial and residential projects. From robust Type 1 materials for road construction to decorative shingles for commercial landscaping, we cater to a wide range of commercial needs.

Quality is paramount to us. Our aggregates are carefully sourced, tested, and graded to meet industry standards. We work closely with suppliers and conduct regular quality checks to ensure consistency and performance.



“I recently used The Waste Group’s 10mm Shingle for my garden pathway, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! The quality of the product and the prompt delivery made my DIY project a breeze. Their eco-friendly options are a big plus for me. Highly recommended!”

“Our company needed a sustainable solution for our new office landscaping. The Waste Group’s recycled aggregates were the perfect fit. Their commitment to environmental responsibility aligns with our values, and the quality of their products is top-notch. A pleasure to work with!”

“As a builder, I rely on consistent quality and timely delivery. The Waste Group’s Type 1 Primary aggregates have never let me down. Their expert advice and competitive pricing make them my go-to supplier for all my construction projects. A true partner in building success!”

“I’ve been using The Waste Group’s aggregates for various landscaping projects, and their range of products always meets my clients’ needs. From Flooring Grit to Eco Supersoil, the quality and versatility are outstanding. Their customer service is equally impressive. A trusted supplier indeed!”