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Fallen Stock Removal Covering Dorset including Poole, Bournemouth, Dorchester, Weymouth and Blandford.

The Waste Group provides fast, safe and cost-effective animal collection services, including dead stock removal.

We provide specialist bins for the storage and transportation of dead livestock (from all over the South West of England) to a DEFRA-approved animal incinerator.

Whether it’s poultry, livestock, or an equine carcass that needs collecting, our stock collection services ensure a timely and convenient pick up.

Why Fallen Stock Collection is Needed

It has been illegal to bury dead livestock in the UK since 2003. The stricter regulations were put into action to safeguard the health of both animals and humans, since the ground can easily become contaminated with gas and body fluid leakage. These contaminants eventually find their way into the food and drink supply.

Reducing Risk of Infection

Similarly, storing carcasses for prolonged periods of time can heighten the risk of disease and infection. Insects and vermin soon become a problem and multiply rapidly.

That’s why properly disposing of the carcass on the very same day is essential if you are serious about reducing the potential health risk and the threat to your remaining livestock.

Over 40 million farm animals die in the UK each year before reaching the slaughterhouse.

Not surprisingly, dealing with fallen stock can be a costly distraction during lambing season. For our farmer clients, the Waste Group’s collection and incineration service ensures total control of the process and gives peace of mind that the waste is fully destroyed, reducing the risk of disease and infection to other animals.

How Our Fallen Stock Collection Works

When you have booked a collection, we quickly send out a licensed, experienced slaughterman to collect the animal.

The Waste Group uses bespoke vehicles and winches to carry out collections. To make the process as trouble-free as possible, please inform us of any special requirements or access issues at the time of booking.

It’s simple to organise a collection. You can use our online booking form, or call us completely free of charge on our freephone number 0800 652 0160.

If you are calling outside of office hours, leave an answerphone message. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are based in Wareham, Dorset.

We collect fallen stock from a 50-mile radius around our headquarters.

However, collection outside of this catchment area is available on request.

Just give us a call or use the contact form.

What Exactly Can I Incinerate?

Livestock waste is extremely wide-ranging. Listed below are just several of the waste types that we consider suitable for incineration:

  • Fallen stock
  • Infected carcasses
  • Stillborns
  • Butchery waste
  • Animal By Products (ABP)
  • Contaminated waste
  • Farm Slurry
  • Animal Bedding

All animal incinerators used by the Waste Group satisfy the Animal By-Products Regulation (ABPR). The models we use are large capacity, with high hourly burn rates.

These are long established systems that are widely used across the UK and Europe by farms, shooting practises, slaughterhouses, abattoirs, and veterinary surgeries.

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