What size skip do i need?

One of the most common questions that customers ask us is “What size skip do I need?”. Understandably, a 6 cubic yard skip is quite difficult to visualise!

Here at The Waste Group, we have tried to make the decision of which skip size to use as easy as possible. Our handy skip size guide provides length, width and height dimensions, as well as guidelines on what a skip can hold in terms of couches, bin bags, wheelie bin loads or pick-up loads.

the waste group skip sizes


For example, a general builders skip that you see on a building site or at a house renovation would likely be a 6 yard skip, which measures 260cm long, 122cm high and 152cm wide. In terms of what a 6 yard skip can hold, we usually say about 50 bin bags, 25 wheelie bin loads or 4 couches. A 6 yard is also the largest skip that can be used to transport soil, due to the weight.

For general household waste, you might also consider a 8 yard skip at 320cm long, 122cm high and 175cm wide. An 8 yard skip offers 40% more capacity than the 6 yard skip but doesn’t cost 40% more to hire. Please remember that you can’t fill a skip above the top as it will be unsafe to transport and ordering a single larger skip is more economical than filling up a smaller skip and needing to hire a second one.

To look at smaller or larger options, please see our handy skip size guide.


Another consideration when choosing what size skip to use is where you would like us to place it. It is a good idea to think about size to allow for vehicle access or access to garages. If you would like your skip placed on a public highway (rather than your own drive), please contact us so that we can arrange a license for you. Please also note that skip lorries need to avoid parking on drains to avoid damaging them.

You can also see our guide on the best way to fill a skip to make the most of it once it has arrived and what items can’t be put in our skips.

We hope that this article has been helpful in helping you decide what size skip you need but feel free to contact us at The Waste Group HQ with any questions.