Why is the lowest price not always best when it comes to skip hire?

If you’re looking to hire a skip, there’s lots of different factors to consider; Can the skip get to my desired location? Is it the best right size? And perhaps one of the biggest factors, how much is the skip?

You may have found a skip at a great price, however the lowest cost means you may sacrifice the quality of service.

Did you know that even if you use a skip hire service, where the waste ends up is actually your responsibility? So you might think you’ve found a great, high quality service but because of the low price the company may use methods such as fly-tipping to dispose of the waste; this is a criminal offence!

In 2015/2016 there were 936,000 fly-tipping cases that were dealt with; a 4.0% increase from the previous year. Not only are there legal aspects to think about, there are environmental factors too. Hiring a skip company you can trust is extremely important; where you might save on cost means you may lose out on sustainable disposal methods.


We pride ourselves on our strong environmental values by ensuring that our waste does not go to landfill and is disposed of in the correct way. We are open and honest about our prices and want our customers to be aware that our skip hire prices match our high quality services.

If you’re looking for any waste management services, check out our quote selection page. Here you can book your skip online by selecting the size and dates you need alongside the price.

Whatever skip hire company you choose, please make sure you know exactly where you waste is going and how it is disposed. At The Waste Group, we can assure you that your waste will be disposed in a sustainable way and recycled correctly. If you have any questions about our skip hire prices, contact us today.