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Capacity3.0 m³
Length180 cm
Height108 cm
Width122 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 2 fridge freezers, or
  • 1 couch, or
  • 30 bin-bags, or
  • 10 wheelie bins
Capacity4.6 m³
Length260 cm
Height122 cm
Width152 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 8 fridge freezers, or
  • 4 couches, or
  • 50 bin-bags, or
  • 25 wheelie bins
Capacity6.4 m³
Length320 cm
Height122 cm
Width175 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 12 fridge freezers, or
  • 6 couches, or
  • 60 bin-bags, or
  • 40 wheelie bins
Capacity9.6 m³
Length375 cm
Height170 cm
Width178 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 20 fridge freezers, or
  • 10 couches, or
  • 100 bin-bags, or
  • 2 pick-up loads

Let us get rid of all your waste with skip hire in Mere

Are you in Mere and need to hire a skip? We can provide you with a wide range to choose from and offer next day delivery.

Skip hire in Mere is easy when you get in touch with The Waste Group. Our expert team are ready and waiting to take your call and eager to provide you with the perfect solution to your waste management needs.

We have a range of expertise in our team that allows us to provide you with not only the correct skip for your needs but excellent customer service. You can expect to receive a warm welcome when you call us, a professional explanation of our services and efficient arrangement of delivery. Our extensive fleet means we can offer next day delivery of whichever skip or roll on roll off vehicle you need and when you call for collection you won't have to wait long.

Our professionalism doesn't end when we collect your waste either. As a company, we are committed to ensuring that waste disposal is carried out in an ethically environmental way. Whenever send any waste to landfill that could be recycled, so whenever you place something in a skip or roll on roll off vehicle you know that it will end up in the right place.

Quality and Affordable Skip Hire in Mere

We founded our company back in 2007 under the name of A&D Skips. With one lorry and a small yard, we started providing services to local customers. As our name became better known and our reputation for excellent customer satisfaction grew, we started to expand. We added more skips so that by 2012 we had 200 skips and four new lorries meaning we could meet growing demand and provide services to a larger number of customers.

An investment in 2013 by new owners saw the company grow in strength and we were able to double the number of skips and roll on roll off vehicles that we had available. We also invested in our new recycling centre which allows us to look after the environment as we take care of your waste.

In 2017, a decade after we established, we decided to rebrand and that is when The Waste Group took off! With our own recycling centre, we take care of all of the waste we collect and also open for others to come and recycle with us. Get your skip hire in Mere sorted today!

If there is a postcode or area not listed here - please call us on : 0800 652 0160 and we will quote you directly.