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Capacity3.0 m³
Length180 cm
Height108 cm
Width122 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 2 fridge freezers, or
  • 1 couch, or
  • 30 bin-bags, or
  • 10 wheelie bins
Capacity4.6 m³
Length260 cm
Height122 cm
Width152 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 8 fridge freezers, or
  • 4 couches, or
  • 50 bin-bags, or
  • 25 wheelie bins
Capacity6.4 m³
Length320 cm
Height122 cm
Width175 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 12 fridge freezers, or
  • 6 couches, or
  • 60 bin-bags, or
  • 40 wheelie bins
Capacity9.6 m³
Length375 cm
Height170 cm
Width178 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 20 fridge freezers, or
  • 10 couches, or
  • 100 bin-bags, or
  • 2 pick-up loads

Searching for the best skip hire in Radstock, give us a call!

Have you ever wondered what happens to the waste when you use skip hire in Radstock? The environment is a topic that is getting a lot of media attention and we are all starting to realise that we need to do more to make sure we don’t carry on damaging the environment.

Here at The Waste Group, we have been thinking about the environment for a long time. Even before it became popular to talk about and people started to do more about reducing, reusing and recycling, we were finding ways to make sure we weren't sending rubbish to landfill if we didn't have to. From 2013 we have had our own recycling centre to ensure that every bit of waste we receive is separated into recyclable and non-recyclable. We only ever send non-recyclable waste to landfill!

Skip Hire in Radstock is Great for You and the Environment

Hiring a skip for your waste requirements doesn't have to be time-consuming or costly. If you give us a call we can talk you through the options we have available. We offer a free quote that we know you will be happy with as we keep track of our competitors and know that we offer competitive pricing on all skips and roll on roll off vehicles.

Once your skip hire is organised we will deliver your skip or vehicle the next day. All you need to worry about is filling it up and giving us a call. As a customer, you don't need to think about what can be recycled and what can't be, as will do that job for you back at our recycling centre. We will separate all the rubbish and recycle what we can, and transfer the rest to landfill. At the moment we currently recycle 98% of the rubbish we receive and are aiming to get this to 100% as more materials become recyclable and we start using less non-recyclable materials.

If you are looking for waste management solutions for your project, regardless of the size, but you want to find an environmentally friendly way to remove your rubbish, get in touch with us for a free quote today! Skip hire in Radstock is easy with The Waste Group.


If there is a postcode or area not listed here - please call us on : 0800 652 0160 and we will quote you directly.