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Capacity3.0 m³
Length180 cm
Height108 cm
Width122 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 2 fridge freezers, or
  • 1 couch, or
  • 30 bin-bags, or
  • 10 wheelie bins
Capacity4.6 m³
Length260 cm
Height122 cm
Width152 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 8 fridge freezers, or
  • 4 couches, or
  • 50 bin-bags, or
  • 25 wheelie bins
Capacity6.4 m³
Length320 cm
Height122 cm
Width175 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 12 fridge freezers, or
  • 6 couches, or
  • 60 bin-bags, or
  • 40 wheelie bins
Capacity9.6 m³
Length375 cm
Height170 cm
Width178 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 20 fridge freezers, or
  • 10 couches, or
  • 100 bin-bags, or
  • 2 pick-up loads

Skip Hire in Yate

Meta Title: If you need to hire a skip and are based in Yate then give us a call!

Meta Description: Professional skip hire company with first-class customer service based here in Yate.

Skip hire in Yate is simple

Is quick and doesn’t cost the earth if you get in touch with The Waste Group! We have been providing skips to a range of individuals and businesses for over a decade and pride ourselves on the excellent reputation that we have built up.

Whilst lots of people find waste dull and annoying, we find it fascinating. It’s amazing what people have to get rid of and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a huge pile of rubbish removed and recycled, leaving a happy home or business behind!

Our customers; from individuals to businesses, have given us fantastic feedback and we are proud that we offer services that make people happy. We take waste from households as well as dealing with industrial and commercial waste every day. Our business is booming and that is due to our amazing customers trusting us with their waste needs day in and day out.

The Waste Group – More Than Just Skip Hire in Yate

We understand that to be successful in business it is necessary to offer something more, something different or to just be better than the competitors. At The Waste Group, we strive for all three! We have a fleet of over 200 skips and a range of roll on roll off vehicles so that we can offer next day delivery if that suits you.

We also have our own recycling centre so we make sure your waste is dealt with in the most suitable and environmentally friendly way. We never send waste to landfill if it can be recycled, and we encourage others to come and use our recycling facilities. We also believe that it is important to give back to the community where we operate and so we get involved with local charities and local community projects.

Another way we differ from other waste management companies is that we actively offer work experience so people in our communities can learn more about the waste management industry and maybe even plan their own career with us! If you want skip hire in Yate from a company that cares for the local community then give us a call to find out more, we look forward to talking to you.

If there is a postcode or area not listed here - please call us on : 0800 652 0160 and we will quote you directly.