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Choosing the Right Skip Size for Your Project

So, you’re finally ready to start that massive clear-out or take a crack at replacing those old kitchen press units. Whether remodelling or just doing a good, old-fashioned tidy-up, improving your home is exciting. You’re probably looking forward to getting started – or getting it over with!

But you won’t be long at your project before you discover that you need a skip to gather and remove all the cast-off homeware and demolition debris you’re shedding.

Working with a reputable skip hire company streamlines any clean-up project. Skips simplify demolition and clean-up, providing one clear destination for all your home improvement waste.

Hiring a skip is a simple, sustainable way to dispose of unwanted waste. A good skip hire company will prioritise recycling as much of your waste as possible, and they’ll get rid of the rest responsibly.

But with so many skip sizes to choose from, hiring the right size skip can feel daunting. In this blog, we’ve summarised the most common skip sizes and their uses so you can feel confident hiring the right size skip for your project.

The importance of correct skip size

The right skip size will vary depending on how much waste and the type of waste your project will generate. It’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about your project and the skip size that will suit it best.

Hiring the right skip size can mean saving money and time. If you choose a larger sized skip than you need for your project, you’re paying for volume you won’t fill. You’re likely trying to keep your project costs to a minimum, so paying extra money for skip space you don’t need is a costly line item.

On the other hand, choosing the smallest and cheapest skip can result in hiring a secondary skip. That could prove more costly than choosing the right size skip from the start. Plus, you’ll have to wait for the second skip to be delivered, potentially costing you time.

Common UK skip sizes and their uses

Skip volumes are calculated in cubic yards. A cubic yard is 3 feet high x 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep (91cm x 91cm x 91cm), and is roughly the same size as about 2 large kitchen appliances.

Here’s how we guide our clients to the right skip size:

Skip Hire SizesDescriptionHow many bin bags?
4-Yard SkipThis skip, often called a “mini skip,” is perfect for garden waste or small home projects that generate light bulky waste, like a garage clear-out.Volume: 3.0 cubic metres | about 40 bin bags
6-Yard SkipThis is often called a small builders skip. It’s ideal for medium-sized construction waste, renovation tasks, or small amounts of heavy waste.Volume: 4.6 cubic metres | about 60 bin bags
8-Yard SkipA popular choice for builder and construction waste, as well as larger projects like kitchen and bathroom refits.Volume: 6.0 cubic metres | about 80 bin bags
12-Yard SkipSuitable for bulky items and substantial waste volumes.Volume: 9.2 cubic metres | about 120 bin bags
16-, 20-, 30-, and 40-yard Skips, or Ro-Ro Skips (Roll-on, Roll-off)Specialist skip sizes designed for commercial skip hire needs, such as industrial projects.


Factors to consider when choosing a skip size

Once you’ve decided on a skip size, you’ll need to secure a skip permit and choose a skip hire company to dispose of your waste correctly.

Permits and regulations

When hiring a skip, you’ll need to have a safe, level place for it to rest while you’re filling it.

You won’t need a permit if you have a private driveway or garden, but you’ll need a licence to place your skip in a public space, like a shared driveway or footpath.

Your local council regulates skip permits and placement. Check with them about the process of securing a council skip licence.

Environmental considerations

Before you choose a skip hire company, consider whether they’re disposing of waste ethically. Some companies may save a bit of money by dumping all waste into the landfill.

A reputable skip hire company will make recycling a top priority in waste disposal. Look for a waste removal team that recycles at every opportunity and only places items in the landfill as a last resort.

At The Waste Group, we’re serious about sustainability for both domestic waste disposal and commercial waste management.

With a fleet of skips in every size, we have just the right size skip for any project. Get a quote from us today to start clearing that rubble and enjoying your tidy home and garden.