How much is it to hire a skip?

Hiring a skip for the first time? We know the process can seem complicated at first. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you the lowdown on all you need to know about the costs and processes involved in skip hire.



  • Skip hire cost depends on your location – For example, London is almost twice as expensive as Glasgow to hire a skip. You can enter your postcode to get a quote based on your area on our contact us page.
  • Trust is key – Do your research and make sure who you hire from can be trusted. Here at The Waste Group we pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible, ethically and professionally.
  • Learn the rules – If you hire someone else to take away your waste, in the eyes of the law it is still your responsibility. So again, make sure it’s someone you can trust; if they dispose of it incorrectly it is your fault!
  • Know the type you need – Unsure what type and size of skip to go for? Our quote request page includes clear diagrams and measurements of all the skips we provide, so read these carefully beforehand.


We know that with many things in life, cost is a big factor in your decision.


The Waste Group are upfront and honest about our costing, and we are probably not the cheapest skip hire you will come across in your area. But – hear us out! There is a reason for this as we want to be the skip hire you can trust.


There is a lot uncertainty when it comes to skip hire; who is really taking your waste away? Where are they putting it? How are they disposing of it?


The Waste Group are a trusted, respected and ethical skip hire company in Dorset and will make sure your waste is disposed correctly.


So if you care about your local environment and the impact it has on waste, contact us via our website or by calling our expert team on 0800 652 0160 for your skip hire needs.