Clear out your office to save space at home

With more people than ever before working from home, and many starting their own home-based businesses, home offices have become a familiar sight in properties up and down the country.

But any fully functioning office space can bring clutter and mess, especially if you’re using that space to manage your household admin too. From piles of letters and important documents, through to tangled and unorganised stationary, it’s easy to see why your office space can become cluttered and unloved pretty quickly.

However, when you’re working from home, it’s important that your space is clean, tidy and productive.

If you’re struggling to keep your home office free from clutter, you’ve certainly landed in the right place. Here’s our guide to how you can clear out your office and save space at home.

Invest in storage

Today there are a huge range of smart storage options available, so creating an organised office space is easier than ever before.

Before you get to work organising your office, think about the type of storage you need to optimise the available space and ensure everything has a place. From filing cabinets, drawer dividers and storage boxes, through to file racks, shelving and storage units, there are plenty of clever storage solutions out there.

Desk space

A messy and cluttered desk will not only look unappealing, but it will also impact your mood and productivity. So, as part of your office overhaul, make sure you clear your desk and use your storage to put everything away. The only items that should be on your desk are your computer, phone, and any other essentials you need to do your job.

Bespoke interior design

If you’re struggling with space in your office, an interior designer can help you view the space in a new way and provide a practical, yet stylish, solution.

From custom made filing cabinets through to floor to ceiling shelving units, there are lots of ways to plan and create a truly unique office.

Dispose of what you don’t need

A clear out is a great opportunity to dispose of any clutter or items that you know longer need or use.

Clutter is one of the main reasons why people run out of space in their home office, so it’s important to clear out your space on a regular basis. Remember to dispose of items such as outdated paperwork, stationary that no longer works, old magazines and newspapers, as well as any equipment that doesn’t work.

Curb cable clutter

Technology is now a major part of our everyday lives and cable clutter is a major concern in many home offices. Cable chaos can also take up a lot of unnecessary space. With this in mind, you should consider investing in wireless devices or using a USB hub, which will allow you plug several devices into your computer using one USB cable.

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