Sustainable Skip Hire: The Waste Group’s Commitment to Better Waste Disposal

Waste management services aren’t what they used to be.

20 years ago, the public definition of “waste management services” was limited to waste removal. No one was very much concerned with where the waste went so long as it disappeared from view, and landfills were the norm. As long as they didn’t have to see the waste, clients — and waste management companies — were satisfied.

But today’s consumers know burying our waste in landfills isn’t good enough. There’s a better way to approach waste management, one that creates a circular system that reframes our waste as salvageable raw materials.

At The Waste Group, we’re proud to be a national waste management company with a global mindset. We know our waste disposal choices affect our local communities, our nation, and our world.

You can meet your waste disposal needs responsibly and conveniently by working with a waste management company that prioritises recycling and waste reduction. In this blog, we’ll share an overview of our services with a special emphasis on sustainable skip hire.

Commitment to sustainable skip hire

Sustainability is a popular buzzword these days; every company will tell you they’re doing their part to reduce waste. But in waste management services, that’s easier said than done. Without a transparent view of the waste disposal system, it’s hard for waste management companies to ensure that the waste materials they collect are disposed of responsibly.

To guarantee full control over the waste management process, we’ve built our own tipping sites in Wareham and Swanage. Wareham houses its own recycling centre, meaning every skip you fill is meticulously sorted and properly recycled by our dedicated skip hire team. Even without a skip, you can simply bring your waste to our tipping location in Swanage, and we’ll sort it and recycle what we can at our Wareham facility.

Waste materials we accept at our skip-hire tipping sites

Our Wareham and Swanage skip hire sites are both prepared to receive any of these materials, and we ensure they’re reused in the following ways:

  • General Waste: Responsibly managed and sorted for recycling
  • Mixed Hardcore: Processed for reuse in construction projects
  • Mixed Inerts (Soils): Screened and repurposed for landscaping
  • Wood Waste: Recycled into new wood products
  • Plasterboard: Processed for new construction materials
  • Cardboard: Recycled into new paper products
  • UPVC Windows: Repurposed for new window manufacturing
  • Green Waste: Composted for garden and agricultural use

Thanks to these practices, we recycle about 90% of the waste materials left at our tipping sites. When you work with us for skip-hire services, that’s a number you can feel good about.

Skip sizes for any job

Whether you’re a weekend DIY hero tackling a hefty snag list, or a serious commercial enterprise requiring years of waste removal, our skip hire service can flex to fit your needs.

We offer a full range of skip sizes and a healthy supply of them. So, no matter when you need it, we have the perfect size skip at the ready.

Check out our skip size range here to find the right size for your project. Not sure what size you need? Find size guides and handy descriptions on our skip quote page. Still not sure? Request a quote, and we’ll recommend a skip size that suits.

And no skip hire service would be complete without expertise on skip hire permits. At The Waste Group, we have a national network of skip-hire services that allows us to sort your permissions at the site, region, or group level. This UK-wide partnership makes it easier for you to acquire and manage skip hire across multiple and complex commercial construction projects.

Commercial waste and hazardous waste removal

We work with everyone in need of sustainable disposal services, from private homeowners to commercial builders. So, we can accommodate waste from a variety of sources.

Commercial waste is no problem. We’ll help you coordinate all of your skip hire and waste disposal activities across the nation. Your waste is tipped, sorted, and recycled according to industry standards, so you can focus on your business.

When you encounter hazardous waste, we’re up to the challenge. Our dedicated asbestos removal service complies with removal regulations, creating a safe site for your workforce so you can keep building.

Work with a company that’s more than a skip hire service

When you need disposal services that don’t compromise sustainability, choose The Waste Group. We deliver the skip hire options you need with the responsible, forward-thinking principles you value.

Get an instant quote for skip hire prices on our booking page, or talk to the team (via phone or WhatsApp at 0800 652 0160) about the skip solution that’s right for you.