How Much Can A Grab Lorry Take?

Are you in need of a grab lorry? These vehicles can be a fantastic way to quickly and easily transport rubbish away from your site. However, one of the most common questions that we’re asked is just how much can a grab lorry take?

This is one of the most common questions that individuals looking to hire a grab lorry ask. That is why we thought we would take a closer look…

What is a grab lorry?

Before we take a look at how much can a grab lorry take, we thought we would first look at what exactly one of these vehicles is. These unique trucks are designed to haul large quantities of refuse quickly, clearing large spaces far quicker than alternatives such as a skip.

These vehicles feature a large hydraulic arm with a grab bucket, allowing it to pick up and deposit your waste into the back of the truck. This helps to ensure that they can collect waste in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that no matter how hard your site might be to access, you will be able to still clear debris.

So, how much can a grab lorry take?

The capacity that a grab lorry can pick up and store will depend on the size of the truck that you are choosing. These trucks come in all different shapes and sizes, ensuring that you can always find the perfect solution for your requirements.

Here at The Waste Group, we offer our clients a choice of two grab trucks. The first is our popular six-wheel option. Measuring 8.1 metres in length and a height of 3.7 metres, this truck is able to take a load capacity of up to 12 tonnes. This makes it a great option for a vast majority of projects; with the truck carrying the equivalent of two skips worth of trash at a time, you will be able to quickly remove large quantities from your site.

If you have a larger project that needs clearing, then we also offer an eight-wheel alternative. This larger truck measures in one metre longer than the six-wheel option, which allows it to take up to 16 tonnes of waste at a time. This is the equivalent of three full skips, making it perfect for use on even the largest of clearance projects.

What kind of materials can a grab lorry take?

No matter whether it is a six-wheeler or an eight-wheeler, you need to ensure that you are filling your grab lorry with the right materials. Filling it with the wrong items could mean you are in violation of regulations set out by the Government Environmental Agencies.

Items that you can transport in a grab lorry include:

1. Construction waste

The most common materials that grab trucks dispose of are construction waste. This includes things such as rubble, concrete, bricks, and paving slabs. However, it is important to remember that these items are often heavier so you might need a larger grab lorry than you realise.

2. Muck away

These are inert waste items such as stone, chalk, clay and soil. However, they do usually need to be separated first. As with construction waste, these items tend to be heavier, than you might expect, so keep this in mind when deciding which size grab truck you choose.

3. General recyclable waste

Finally, the other most common type of waste that grab trucks are used for is general recyclable waste. This includes things garden waste such as flowers, trees, hedge trimmings, and flower cuttings. It can also take non-hazardous waste from renovations.

Unsuitable items

While these trucks are able to remove a huge variety of waste quickly and easily, it is important to remember which items cannot be accepted. This includes hazardous and toxic items, batteries, gas bottles, paints, oils, tyres, and asbestos. In these instances, you will need to opt for more specialist waste removal services.

In need of grab truck removal in Bournemouth and Poole?

Are you looking for a grab lorry in the Bournemouth or Poole area? The Waste Group is here to help you. We specialise in providing our customers with the very best experience possible, and our grab lorry service is able to help you swiftly and efficiently remove a huge array of waste.

Our forward-thinking approach, whether it be the latest machinery or user-friendly software, is designed to ensure that you can save time and money. We are also committed to being as sustainable as possible and are currently working towards ensuring that 100% of our waste does not go to landfill.

So if you are looking for quality grab lorry hire that you can trust, get in touch with our friendly team today!