How to Dispose of Bulky Waste Locally

Whether you’re having a house clearance, clearing out your garage or garden shed, or trying to free up some much needed space in your office, it’s important that you dispose of any waste in the right way.

Disposing of waste, particularly bulky waste, incorrectly can cause damage to the environment and risk harming wildlife. Not only this, but there are also rules and regulations in place governing waste disposal.

Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about disposing of your bulky waste.

What is bulky waste?

Bulky waste is a term used to describe any domestic waste that is too big to be disposed of in your general waste bin. It includes items such as large pieces of furniture, sofas, carpets, garden waste, electrical appliances, bicycles, and windows.

Disposing of bulky waste

There are a number of ways to dispose of bulky waste, including:

  • Donate to charity
  • Hire a skip
  • Council tip
  • Specialist waste clearance company
  • Council collection
  • Retailer take back
  • House clearance company

Let’s take a closer look at the main bulky waste disposal options.

Donate to charity

If the goods that you’re disposing of are in good working order or still in good condition, why not donate them to charity?

There should be plenty of charities in your area that will be happy to take them off your hands. Many charities will also collect the items free of charge and ensure that they are delivered to people that need them the most. So your items can get a whole new lease of life and give a helping hand to someone in need.

Hire a skip

Hiring a skip is another great way to dispose of bulky waste.

Whether you’re clearing out your home or office, a skip will provide the space you need to store your bulky waste before it gets disposed of. Plus, once you’ve filled it, the waste company will come and take it away to be safely disposed of it in the proper manner.

Take it to the tip

If you have a large enough vehicle and you’re able to lift the bulky items yourself, you might be able to dispose of it at your local tip.

However, before you go, always make sure that the tip accepts the type of waste you’re looking to dispose of, and check if they charge for it. If you need to use a van to transport your waste, you may not be allowed in without paying for a trader’s licence.

Contact a specialist waste clearance company

There are lots of specialist waste clearance companies that will be happy to come and clear your waste and dispose of it in a safe and compliant manner.

Look for waste clearance companies operating in your local area, compare prices and remember to check reviews from previous customers.

Arrange a council collection

The vast majority of local councils also provide a reliable waste collection service for a fixed fee. The amount you will pay will usually depend on the items you need collected.

To book a slot for collection, visit your council’s website or, alternatively, give them a call. Before you book, make sure that your bulky waste is suitable for collection and that it meets the guidelines set out by your council. If they turn up and can’t take it away, you might be charged anyway.

Retailer take back

Some retailers offer a take back service, where they will remove and dispose of an old item if you’re buying a new one from them. So, if you’re upgrading something in your home, it’s worth checking if your new provider offers this service.

Depending on the company, this service may be free of charge, or you may have to pay a fee.

House clearance company

House clearance companies deal in second hand furniture. They will clear any useful waste from your home and then sell it on. The amount they charge for the clearance will depend on how much they believe the waste to be worth – if you’ve got lots of furniture that they know they can easily sell on, they might not charge you at all. Again, they will only take items that are in good enough condition to resell.

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