Waste Management Regulations in Dorset: What You Need to Know

Dorset’s waste management legislation is designed to protect the environment and human health. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, waste management is a vital responsibility to your fellow citizens.

If you’re disposing of any waste in Dorset (even non-hazardous waste, like food waste), and you want to avoid fines from the local council, we’ve got important disposal tips for you.

Duty of care for residents and businesses

Dorset places a substantial duty of care on residents and businesses for responsible waste disposal. Here’s how you can dispose of your waste responsibly.

Household waste

Dorset County Council accepts food waste (in the brown bins), household waste rubbish, and household recycling in their scheduled kerbside bin collection services.

Residents are given bins for glass recycling (which shouldn’t go in the main recycling bin) and a bag for collecting used batteries (which should also be recycled separately). You can find a schedule of bin collections and learn precisely what to put in your bins here.

Garden waste follows a different collection schedule and also requires a separate fee. You can read more about garden waste collection here.

Commercial waste

Businesses in Dorset can avail of dedicated commercial waste collection services provided by the county council. For a fee, Dorset County Council will collect general waste and recycling for mixed paper, cardboard, tins & cans, plastic bottles, plastic pots, tubs and trays.

Businesses can also avail of food waste collection services and glass recycling services. Corporate events are notorious waste producers. A special “Event Waste Service” helps rid your commercial premises of large-scale food waste and litter that often accompany big events.

In the UK, businesses are legally responsible for following the waste hierarchy by reducing waste as much as possible. Any waste removed from your premises requires the completion of waste transfer notes that document the waste types and destination. Illegal waste disposal is your responsibility, and if you want to dispose of your own waste, you must register as a waste carrier with the government.

Recycling programs and facilities

Dorset recycling facilities accept household recycling items that can’t be placed in the appropriate bin free of charge. These facilities are also the correct destination for hazardous waste, electrical waste and electronic equipment, and builder’s rubble from small-scale DIY projects (learn more here).

But these centres are specifically for household recycling needs only. Businesses aren’t allowed to drop their recycling at public facilities, and you’ll incur a considerable fine (up to £50,000) or prison time (up to 5 years) if you attempt it.

A far better business waste management strategy is using The Waste Group’s commercial wheelie bin service. That way, your waste is sorted for you, and you’ll know it’s always managed according to government regulations and environmental sustainability standards.

Consequences of non-compliance

Businesses that attempt to use the household recycling facilities can incur hefty fines and fees (see the section above), even if they dispose of non-hazardous waste.
Any abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping, and other means of evading the Environmental Protection Act will face fines in the thousands and possible jail time.

Hazardous waste regulations are serious business, too. UK waste regulations dictate that waste like asbestos, chemicals, and persistent organic pollutants (like pesticides used in your garden) be taken to a dedicated recycling facility where they can be disposed of safely and without risk to human health.

Best practices for effective waste management

Dorset residents can keep their homes and gardens tidy with relative ease thanks to the waste collection services from Dorset County Council. The most important tip for residents is to be vigilant in sorting waste correctly. Items placed in the wrong bin and unwashed recycling often end up in the incinerator.

If you’re disposing of waste improperly, you or your business could be fined. That’s an extra expense no one wants to pay, and it’s far more cost-effective to manage your waste correctly in the first place.

We’re also diligent recyclers who take our duty of care to the environment seriously, so you get a hassle-free waste collection service that you can trust.

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