The closure of landfills in Dorset

Did you know that total projected waste arisings in Dorset are predicted to grow from 869,744 tonnes in 2016 to 1,047,871 tonnes in 2032? With the closure of landfills in Dorset, there is growing concern of to how this waste will be disposed.

We might be biased, but we think we are based in one of the most picturesque areas of the county. Dorset is home to the Jurassic Coast, Durdle Door and some of the best beaches in the UK & Europe and we are so lucky to have such stunning scenery on our doorstep. This is why we want to protect it by ensuring that 0% waste is sent to landfill in Dorset.

Prior to February 2017, there were two operational non-hazardous landfills operating in Dorset. These both closed in February and now waste companies are transporting their waste to other landfills in different areas.


We are 100% dedicated to reducing the amount of the waste that goes to landfills. As these landfills have closed, it means we are using innovative and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of waste.

Whilst many other local waste companies simply take their waste to landfills further afield, The Waste Group’s dedication to preserving our local environment means we have taken extra care to find new disposal methods.

Our Managing Director Tim Ankers says, “For us, the closure of landfills in Dorset is great news as it has now forced us to dispose of our waste in more sustainable ways.

The Waste Group have gone that extra mile to find new facilities that reuse the waste in the production of energy. Other local companies now tip their waste with us and are enthusiastic about the waste be reused as opposed to going to landfills.”

So what does this mean for us? Instead of this waste going to landfills, we are now looking to reuse the waste. This will be done by investing in our own Energy from Waste plant meaning that we could use waste sourced from Dorset in the creation of energy to use used locally.

So, if you share our passion of preserving the environment of our beautiful home of Dorset and sending no waste to landfills, contact us today for a quote for all your waste disposal needs!