Can You Put Plasterboard In Skips?

At The Waste Group (formally, A&D Skips) we like to make using a skip as easy as possible, but sometimes we are restricted by what we can and can’t do. This is the case for plasterboard. Unfortunately, you are unable to put plasterboard in skips, which you have other general waste in.

Why can’t you put plasterboard in skips?

Plasterboard has long been an issue in the waste industry with changes in Environment Agency rules and differing opinions from waste companies.

The position statement from the Environment Agency states the following concerning plasterboard in skips:

“The landfilling of gypsum and other high sulphate bearing wastes with biodegradable waste has been prohibited in England and Wales since July 2005.

Until April 2009, we had been taking a pragmatic view that separate disposal was not necessary where construction waste contained small amounts (up to 10%) sulphate.

This was a working guideline that we always planned to review in response to scientific research.

Research, Sulphate bearing waste: Determination of a concentration limit for separate disposal, confirmed that the relationship between sulphate in waste and the production of hydrogen sulphide gas is complex. It concluded that we cannot set a practicable limit for gypsum wastes so we revised our guidance to remove the 10% guideline value.’ (

The Environment Agency asks us to separate plasterboard and gypsum-based materials from the other waste we collect.

For these reasons, The Waste Group must make sure that plasterboard is kept separate. We offer plasterboard only skips and the grab bags, which you can have alongside a skip for plasterboard. You can easily add these to your skip order at the basket stage.

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