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Capacity3.0 m³
Length180 cm
Height108 cm
Width122 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 2 fridge freezers, or
  • 1 couch, or
  • 30 bin-bags, or
  • 10 wheelie bins
Capacity4.6 m³
Length260 cm
Height122 cm
Width152 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 8 fridge freezers, or
  • 4 couches, or
  • 50 bin-bags, or
  • 25 wheelie bins
Capacity6.4 m³
Length320 cm
Height122 cm
Width175 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 12 fridge freezers, or
  • 6 couches, or
  • 60 bin-bags, or
  • 40 wheelie bins
Capacity9.6 m³
Length375 cm
Height170 cm
Width178 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 20 fridge freezers, or
  • 10 couches, or
  • 100 bin-bags, or
  • 2 pick-up loads

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Skip hire in Bath can be difficult to organise as there are so many factors to consider. You will need a company that specialises in skips and can meet your budget requirements whilst disposing of your waste in the best way possible. We will give you a free quote so that you know what it will cost and there are no hidden charges or delivery fees for you to worry about.

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We work incredibly hard to give back to our communities and we enjoy educating people on the waste industry so that people know what is happening to their rubbish. Every skip booked helps us on this mission and makes the world a bit more environmentally friendly.

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We are an industry leader and have worked in waste for over ten years. What we don’t know about waste is not worth knowing and you can rest assured that we have both you and the environment in mind when sorting your waste. We have our own recycling system and do not send our waste overseas to be dumped.

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Finding skip hire a bit of a minefield, please read our Ultimate Skip Hire Guide to answer all your skip hire questions.

If there is a postcode or area not listed here - please call us on : 0800 652 0160 and we will quote you directly.