Skips for hire in Eastleigh sorted quickly and professionally

Do you need a local skip company in Eastleigh to take your waste away? We’d love to help, give us a call today with your requirements.

Skip hire in Eastleigh is simple – call The Waste Group and spend the rest of your time enjoying your day! We are not only a modern solution to waste management we are also sector leading and love to take your rubbish away!

Waste management is not the most popular career but our team enjoy work every day and are ready and willing to provide you with first-class service. We take our responsibility seriously and are proud to say that we recycle 98% of all the waste that comes to us. We do not farm out any rubbish to other companies or send anything overseas to be dealt with and we are constantly striving to improve our recycling rate every day.

We use environmentally friendly practices and try our hardest to recycle and repurpose everything so that landfill sites do no expand because of us.

Easy to Book Skip Hire in Eastleigh

One of our promises is to provide a fair and transparent service, you will not be surprised by any hidden fees and we offer free quotes to anyone interested in a skip so that you know upfront what we charge for our service.

We also recognise that not all people like to talk on the phone and so we have a website that will accept your booking without the need to call us. However, if you do enjoy a chat then please feel free to ring, one of our team would be very happy to talk you through your options and explain the different skips we have ready to be delivered.

Another great selling point is that we can deliver the next day if you place your booking before noon. We do not charge any extra for this service as we understand that when you look for skip hire in Eastleigh that you want it as soon as possible and not be left waiting for a week to get rid of your waste!

Why wait any longer? Go onto our website, book your skip and then get on with your business – it doesn’t need to be any more difficult than that! We cannot wait for you to get in touch soon and we look forward to providing you with a great waste management solution whenever you need us.

Finding skip hire a bit of a minefield, please read our Ultimate Skip Hire Guide to answer all your skip hire questions.

If there is a postcode or area not listed here - please call us on : 0800 652 0160 and we will quote you directly.


We recommend booking online, it’s the quickest and simplest way. You can leave any instructions for us which will be allocated to the notes of your hire. You can always call us if you wish and we can take your booking over the phone.

Generally, we leave your skip with you for 7 days or 14 days

Please see our skip hire guide for full details.

If you have a small amount to be removed a 4-metre skip will be sufficient, if you are clearing more than one area or are taking on a larger project you will need larger.

Our skip will arrive and be delivered where you have told us to in one of 2 sessions. 8am to 12pm 12.30pm to 5pm

The Waste group are committed to ensuring that all waste is dealt with in the most environmentally satisfactory means. A skip also reduces the number of trips to any one place to remove rubbish, further reducing environmental issues and carbon footprint to the minimum.

Recycled the first choice, or in suitable Landfill


Skips available to book online with next day delivery* Guaranteed price match promise!

Select the type of skip you need below to complete your order.

Capacity 3.0 m³
Length 180 cm
Height 108 cm
Width 122 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 2 fridge freezers, or
  • 1 couch, or
  • 30 bin-bags, or
  • 10 wheelie bins
Capacity 4.6 m³
Length 260 cm
Height 122 cm
Width 152 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 8 fridge freezers
  • 4 couch
  • 50 bin-bags
  • 25 wheelie bins
Capacity 6.4 m³
Length 320 cm
Height 122 cm
Width 175 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 12 fridge freezers
  • 6 couch
  • 60 bin-bags
  • 40 wheelie bins
Capacity 9.6 m³
Length 375 cm
Height 170 cm
Width 178 cm

This size could fit either:

  • 20 fridge freezers
  • 10 couch
  • 100 bin-bags
  • 35 wheelie bins
  • 2 pick-up loads