Can I Put Furniture In A Skip?

Can you put furniture in a skip? Yes! – So long as the furniture does not exceed the skip fill line then you can dispose of unwanted furniture in a skip. Depending on the size of the skip you have hired, you may need to break down big items such as wardrobes or sofas.

Upcycle, Repair Or Sell?

Before disposing of your unwanted furniture in a skip, is there any way the furniture could be given a second lease of life? We live in a very throwaway culture but reconsidering what you throw away could considerably help reduce landfill and protect the environment.

According to this 2018 article, almost 22m pieces of furniture thrown out every year in the UK and fewer than one in ten people would attempt to repair broken or damaged furniture.

Times are changing though, and more people are becoming aware of environmental issues and are looking for more ecological ways to either reuse or recycle their furniture. Here are some of the things you might want to consider before you throw out that piece of old furniture…

Repair – if you have a broken furniture item perhaps have a go at trying to fix it before you get rid? Even if you need to buy a few cheap materials, such as screws, to fix the furniture, it would still be cheaper than having to buy a replacement piece of furniture.

Upcycle – have you ever looked on Pinterest? Upcycled furniture is very fashionable nowadays and you would be amazed at what you can do with a tin of chalk paint, a couple of new handles or even a sand and varnish. Giving furniture a new lease of life is a great way to update your interiors, save money and help protect the environment.

Sell – if your furniture is in good condition you could be throwing money away! Most selling platforms are free to use and don’t take much to get grips with. Try Gumtree or Facebook Market Place. You can even list items for collection only meaning you don’t have to do anything besides receive payment for your unwanted furniture.

Donate – again, if the furniture is in good condition, several charities will take furniture donations. Look for one in your local area – they will usually be happy to come and collect your furniture. Most charities will sell furniture in their stores but some more specialist charities help get your unwanted furniture to families in need.

Skip Hire For Furniture

That said, sometimes furniture may be way beyond repair, you may not have time to fix furniture or give it a makeover.

Sometimes, circumstances make it much easier to just dispose of furniture – house clearances for example. Especially if someone is dealing with bereavement, what to do with furniture will be the last thing they want to think about.

The good news is that if furniture needs to be disposed of safely and responsibly, skip hire is a great option.

When you use our skip hire service, your furniture may likely end up recycled anyway! We strive to reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill and currently recycle at least 98% of all our waste through our dedicated waste recycling & processing facility.

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