The Dangers of Asbestos: Why Safe Removal Is Important & What to Expect

The discovery of asbestos in your home or office is more than a costly inconvenience. It’s a health hazard with potentially dire consequences.

It’s nearly impossible to overstate the importance of professional asbestos removal, and there are no excuses or circumstances that justify a DIY removal process.

If you’ve found asbestos in your home or office, it’s vital that you hire a professional asbestos removal company. Here’s why>>>

Understanding asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral previously used in construction. Asbestos was considered a brilliant choice for home and office insulation for decades because it’s incredibly strong and fireproof. It can still be found in older, unrenovated homes, garage roofs, or commercial properties, often in floor tiles or roofing materials.

But asbestos causes devastating health problems like lung cancer and mesothelioma. Even second-hand exposure can have lasting effects.

There are six types of asbestos, and they were used for various purposes in construction. Asbestos, in its many forms, can be found in cloth, paper, cement, plastic, and other materials – you never know where you might discover it.

Since 1999, asbestos-containing materials have been outlawed, but they’re commonly found in buildings constructed before that time. As a result, approximately 5,000 workers die each year due to asbestos exposure.

The dangers of asbestos removal

When planning asbestos disposal, you must use a certified asbestos removal company.During demolition or home renovations, microscopic asbestos fibres can become disturbed and released into the air. You might not know you’ve been exposed and won’t immediately feel unwell if you’ve inhaled them.

But over time, even a few small asbestos particles can prove deadly. And unless every trace of asbestos is removed, you can’t be sure your building is safe.

DIY asbestos removal is never a wise decision. It puts everyone on the job site at risk, including future visitors to your home or office. Plus, disposing of asbestos without the help of professionals is illegal. If you dispose of asbestos improperly, you’ll face severe fines.

What to expect from professional asbestos removal services

An asbestos removal company ensures the asbestos is wholly contained before removing it. Their crew wears hazmat suits and uses air filtration so that every last asbestos particle is cleaned from the air.

The asbestos removal company is responsible for safe asbestos disposal, too. Asbestos waste is destroyed at a dedicated facility under strict handling protocols.

Each of these steps is necessary to ensure safe, thorough asbestos removal. Most asbestos services also offer asbestos testing or an asbestos survey, which can help locate undiscovered asbestos before it endangers you or your loved ones.

Breathe easier with The Waste Group’s asbestos removal services

When you discover asbestos in your building, you want it gone quickly. Not only is asbestos a terrifying health risk, but its discovery stops work on your site, and your crew can’t get started again until it’s been removed from the property.

The Waste Group offers asbestos services you can trust. Our team has undergone extensive asbestos training and is well-versed in asbestos collection, removal, and safe disposal.

We offer competitive rates for removing asbestos from every corner of your building, from the garage roof to the kitchen tiles. Plus, we handle all the paperwork and forms the government requires when asbestos is discovered in a home or business.

But more importantly, we guarantee peace of mind in knowing your property is free from the silent threat of asbestos.

Call our certified removal crew to discuss asbestos removal, asbestos surveys, or any other services today: 0800 652 0160.