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Hiring a skip – all you need to know!

This is Rachel (Hi Rachel!). Rachel is trying to think of the easiest way to get rid of a bunch of old junk cluttering up the house and garden before every member of the family arrives in Bournemouth for Christmas.

A colleague suggested to Rachel that she hire a skip as it would fit on her driveway and save her loads of time and effort lugging stuff around. Looking into it, she found out that hiring a skip in Bournemouth was easier than she though, and she didn’t need to be a builder, property developer or some huge industrial company!

Here’s the advice we gave to Rachel for hiring her first skip!


Skip sizes are measured in yards?? Fortunately, The Waste Group have prepared a handy skip visualisation guide to help you choose which skip is most suitable (dimensions in metres included!). You just need to work out which size is going to be big enough to fit that old armchair and the garden waste in without going above the top of the skip (making it unsafe to transport). You can also read about what happens to your waste after we have collected it here (spoiler alert: 98% is recycled!), and what we won’t be able to dispose of for you.

2.       GET A QUOTE

Once you have chosen a skip size, just enter your postcode into The Waste Group Quote Finder.Whether you’re in Bournemouth, Dorset, or another one of our locations that we serve, our quote finder will show you an instant quote. If happy, you can then choose a delivery date, duration and pay online to book the skip right away. You then just wait for one of our lovely drivers to safely deliver your skip to the chosen spot. We’ll even send you a text to let you know when we’re on our way. And all from the comfort of that nice new armchair you bought to replace that old one that needs to go in the skip!


We like to take care of the environment as well as our customers so you can sit comfortable in the knowledge that we being as eco-friendly as possible; we’re are on a mission to recycle 100% of the waste we collect. Just give us a call once you’ve finished with your skip and we’ll come and collect it for you. That should keep your Great Aunt’s brother’s cousin happy when she arrives for Christmas, even if the choice of TV channel doesn’t!

Got more questions about ordering a skip?

Speak to one of our friendly team at The Waste Group HQ